• Contest will take place at 4:00PM EST on September 17, 2022
• Contestants should report to the contest area 30 minutes before the contest starts. Contestants will compete in heats
• Contest is limited to 25 contestants; each contestant must compete independently, no teams allowed
• Contestant must be a ticketholder of the event
• Anyone over the age of 21, male or female, is eligible to enter
• Contestants will each be supplied with one apple cider donut on a string, which will hang from the tent
• Contestants will be timed. The person to finish their donut in the fastest time wins
• Contestants are not able to use their hands. Contestants that use their hands in any way will be disqualified


2019: Anthony O’Reilly, finished in 45.0 seconds (Wellsley Farms Cider Donut)
2018: Chris Bingold, finished in 57.8 seconds (East Main & Main Donut)
2017: Chris Bingold, finished in 1 minute and 2.90 seconds (Wellsley Farms Cider Donut)
2016: Chris Bingold, finished in 8.68 seconds (Woodside Orchards Cider Donut)